At VivereXO, we understand the need to create a “home from home” for all players and their teams at any tournament – this allows them to compete at the highest level possible. To do this, we deal with everything they would possibly need from a lifestyle perspective. We offer pre, during and post tournament support to any player or their entourage from the comfort of the clubhouse or stadium.

Your Trusted Resource For An On-Site Sport Concierge


Over the last ten years, we have worked at a variety of sporting events globally providing our concierge services. We are now confident in saying we have a good relationship with players, managers, and entourages, within a variety of sports – and, in turn, knowing exactly what they need and when they need it.
We have had rave reviews from both event organisers and players alike, quantifying the demand for our services. More specifically, demand for our services on-site at the tournament or event.
Our concierge model is easily transferable to any location, for any tournament. It is also flexible in approach and can be tailored to each event or tournament.
Although each event differs in approach and demand, our strategic plan remains a constant in pre, during and post event service. Available 24/7 for whatever any player would need, from accommodation and travel, to dining and laundry, we are there, on site, to assist with any player demand.

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